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New in Tablet

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Tablet has just been updated to version

NEW: Added a new colour scheme for displaying Read Groups in SAM and BAM files.
NEW: Added a new control panel tab for viewing and editing Read Group colours.
NEW: GFF files now support drag and drop loading.
NEW: GFF files can now be specified on the command line (or via web start).
NEW: Reduced the initial detection time for BAM files, which should speed
NEW: Added a tablet.xml preferences variable which governs the number of insert
     events a CIGAR-I feature has to relate to before it is included.
CHG: String values longer than 75 characters in the graphical tooltips are now
     be truncated.
CHG: All searches are now case insensitive.
CHG: The setting for using less-strict BAM validation checks is now on by
BUG: Toggling Show Bases wasn't causing the screen to refresh.
BUG: Fixed a crash that could occur when searching over consensus sequences.
BUG: The recent-file tooltips on Linux and OS X weren't working with paths
     beginning with "/".
BUG: RegEx characters included in a BAM file’s name (eg ‘[]’) were stopping
     Tablet from locating the corresponding BAI file.

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