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Germinate Daim

We have developed a Java based desktop application to aid in the upload of experimental datasets into Germinate. The aim of this tool is to simplify the process of entering data into the system. Germinate Daim (Daim stands for Data Importer) allows permitted MySQL system users to upload data in text file format into a specified Germinate installation.

We have also included tools to revert the most recent change should any problems arise in the data upload process.


To try Germinate Daim download and run the application which can be downloaded here. You will need to have MySQL user permissions in order to use this tool. We have also created some handy movies showing the basic operation of Germinate Daim which you can find below.

Germinate Daim Help Movies

Import data into Germinate 3 using Germinate Daim

If you are still having problems with this tool, want to chat to us about features you think we should include, or just want to point out some bugs then please get in touch with us. You can get us by email at Germinate Daim was designed and written by Sebastian Raubach.