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Mozilla Science Fellowship Application 2016

By on 30/01/2017 in ICS

Last summer I applied to the  Mozilla Fellows for Science 2016 call. Congratulations to the four 2016 fellows, selected from an impressive 483 submissions for only the second year of this innovative program. I was delighted to be short listed and interviewed, but also slightly relieved not to have made the final cut. This is due to the timing of […]

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Fridge Freezer

By on 20/06/2016 in ICS

Over Hogmanay our fridge packed in. It had lasted for ages; it was passed on to us from my in-laws, and was at least twenty years old when it died. So, we had to buy a new one. There’s a danger in writing about one’s purchases of creating the impression that one is carefully hiding […]

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By on 04/11/2015 in ICS

I grew up with a love of numbers. The simple process of counting things leads, in a few short steps, to a fascinating world of complexity. Define a few operators, and numbers come alive, forming patterns, and then exceptions to the patterns that lead to new operators and new numbers. From the natural numbers (1, […]

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ICS Team Meeting – Thinking from Different Perspectives

By on 17/09/2015 in ICS
ICS Team Meeting – Thinking from Different Perspectives

On 27 August, 31 members of the Information and Computational Sciences (ICS) group made their way to Glensaugh. As the group is split between Aberdeen and Dundee sites, Glensaugh was identified as the ideal half-way meeting point. Although Glensaugh is one of the institute’s most picturesque research platforms, the majority of ICS group members had never […]

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