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By on 29/08/2019 in ICS
As part of my personal development (and love of audio), I started listening to a lot of tech podcasts this year. Over the years I have occasionally listened to Michael Kennedy’s ‘Talk Python to me’, it is only more recently I have really started to explore this form of learning. The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences, and I hope these enrich your tech adventures.
What are my favourite podcasts?
I think Red Hat’s Command_Line Heroes probably is the most fascinating if you are interested in the evolution of computing. In terms of consistent quality, Saron Yitbarek provides a valuable resource for us all, no matter what flavour of tech lights your fire.
If you are into web development, then Wes and Scott provide a great range of tasty information. Wes Bos provides a lot of web development courses.
If you are interested in machine learning/artificial intelligence then Lex Fridman has had some fascinating guests ranging from Jeremy Howard, Gustav Soderstrom Rajat Mongo, Siraj Raval, Chris Lattner, Stuart Russell, Eric Schmidt, Jeff Atwood and Guido van Rossum to name a few recent ones.
If you are interested in specific platforms/companies then AWS and GCP have good quality podcasts.
Whatever your preferences in terms of language and stack, then you will find a podcast that can help keep you up to date and help you learn new and interesting things. You may ask how do I listen to these, well I use Podcast Addict (Castbox is another app, I found the adverts to be more intrusive).

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