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New in Flapjack

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Flapjack has just been updated to version

NEW: Added a new option to the edit menu - Filter missing markers - that allows
     the removal of markers with missing data over a given threshold limit.
NEW: You can now select up to three graphs to be displayed alongside the
     genotypes at one time.
NEW: Added a new option to createproject.exe so it can be forced to always use
     UK English settings for reading decimal numbers in its input.
NEW: Added a new Prefs option that allows the locale (language) settings to be
     overridden so that decimal formatting is always displayed (and read from
     files) in UK English style.
NEW: Added support for a new (optional) QTL data column - RGB - that if 
     specified will allow the user to override the default trait-based colouring
     that the QTLs normally use.
NEW: Added the concept of an "experiment" to a trait.
NEW: The project format (xml, zipped xml, binary) for createproject.exe can can 
     now be specified.
BUG: The keyboard handling for page left/right wasn't dealing with multiple 
     events in quick succession.
BUG: Exporting phenotypic trait data for lines without trait data resulted in 
     traits being written to the file with zero (or default categorical) values.
BUG: Cloning a view didn’t copy over the selected graph index, so the new view 
     reverted to the first graph available.
BUG: Markers included in the genotypes file that weren’t listed in the map file 
     were not being ignored.

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