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New in Tablet

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Tablet has just been updated to version

NEW: Consensus sequence data is now cached to disk which should result in less
     memory being used with large contigs.
CHG: Improved the mechanism used to search for read names across non-BAM
     datasets (should be significantly faster).
CHG: Simplified the Search UI so that all secondary options are check boxes and
     search type is the only remaining combo box.
CHG: Changed Tablet's look and feel now that SCRI has become part of The James
     Hutton Institute.
BUG: The total read count shown in the contigs panel was suffering from integer
     overflow with more than 2 billion reads.
BUG: Fixed an "off by one" bug in the position attribute of the read printer
BUG: Read names with :1 /1 etc postfixes were being truncated by one character
     prior to the postfix.
BUG: Fixed various enabled/disabled UI issues.
BUG: The Find Panel was not allowing reselection (and highlighting) of its

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