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New in Tablet

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Tablet has just been updated to version

NEW: All of the tables (in the control panel) can now have their contents copied
     to the clipboard via right-click menu options.
NEW: Two new colours are now available with the Read Type scheme. These
     represent first in pair (mate in different contig) and second in pair (mate
     in different contig).
NEW: The portion of reference sequence mapping to a feature can now be copied to
     the clipboard.
NEW: Added a new colour scheme that highlights read length.
NEW: Individual reads can now be outlined by right clicking on them.
NEW: Added the ability to toggle variant tagging/highlighting on or off for
     unknown, padded and N bases.
NEW: Restriction enzyme sites can now be added to the features tracks via
     automatic inclusion from REBASE.
NEW: Added the version of samtools used by Tablet to the About Tablet dialog
NEW: Tooltips for features (on the canvas and in the table) now support all
     their tags.
NEW: Significantly enhanced the read group support so that all tags (not just
     sample) are available.
NEW: Added right-click Colour-by options to the Reads Group table.
CHG: The Read Group table now displays all read groups (using IDs) along with
     their platform tag information.
CHG: The main selections for the active colour scheme have been moved to their
     own tab within the ribbon bar.
CHG: Tablet should now use less memory when a large number of features are
CHG: BAM files loaded without reference data now display their length in the
     title label of the ribbon.
CHG: Replaced the classic scheme with the variants scheme. The new colour
     scheme is designed to make it very easy to spot bases which differ from the
     consensus / reference.
BUG: Dragging GFF files into the interface when the 'warn if existing file open'
     option was active was showing the message box when it shouldn't have.
BUG: Cancelling a BAM-window data load after dragging the BamBar slider resulted
     in the overlay not being removed from the canvas.
BUG: Fixed a problem with overlapping features on the GFF tracks not being
BUG: Due to a design flaw in Picard, validation stringency wasn't being set
     correctly for objects that needed to parse the header.
BUG: Fixed a problem with reads which had more than one CIGAR insert at the same
     location losing all but the first insert at that location for the read.
BUG: Fixed a problem with long file paths causing problems with the combo boxes
     on OS X.
BUG: Searching for reads within BAM files wasn't checking if the read was
    unmapped or not.

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