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New in Tablet

By on 29/08/2012 in News

Tablet has just been updated to version

NEW: Tablet's zoom levels now supports many hundreds of thousands of bases on
     screen at once (superzoom).
NEW: Reinstated the option to enable/disable read caching to disk, along with a
     newer option to not cache data from BAM files unless desired.
NEW: Read group information is now shown in the tooltip.
NEW: Added preliminary support for reading assembly information from .tablet
NEW: Tablet will now check that the specified (via header) contig lengths in a
     sam file match the actual lengths read from the reference file.
NEW: Saving a contig summary now warns that only the currently loaded BAM
     window is included in the out (and also gives an option to open the file).
NEW: Added support for marking Cigar-D events on a feature track.
NEW: Added support for marking Cigar-N events on a feature track.
CHG: Complete rewrite of the file tracking code so that all input methods are
     fully synchronized. Existing MRU lists will be lost though.
BUG: Starting Tablet without an internet connection (and check for updates
     enabled) was causing a crash.
BUG: Mouse navigation via the "green" BAM window arrows was no longer working.
BUG: Fixed rendering issues with CIGAR-I live highlighting.
BUG: Fixed an exception with copying read data to the clipboard if the read’s
     mate was unmapped.
BUG: Passing in command-line positions (within a contig) resulted in being out
     by one base.
BUG: Fixed some issues with certain types of search parameters.

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