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New in Flapjack

By on 25/05/2012 in News

Flapjack has just been updated to version

NEW: Sorting by trait can now be done on any number of sort levels.
NEW: Redesigned the Sort by Trait dialog to present a tabular control for 
     defining the sort levels.
NEW: Added file header support so Flapjack can properly identify its input 
NEW: Added drag and drop support for all input files (so long as they carry 
     header information).
NEW: All generated output files now include header information in them.
NEW: Graph data can now be imported into Flapjack using the Wiggle data format.
NEW: Added a splitproject executable to handle importing .flapjack files and 
     re-generating their component parts (map file, genotype file, etc).
NEW: Added a new dialog for quick exporting all project data back to disk in 
     raw file format.
NEW: The split between the original chromosomes on the all-chromosomes view is 
     now shown graphically.
NEW: QTL should now be correctly drawn on the super-chromosome view.
BUG: Fixed various selection state issues when using the all-chromosomes view.
BUG: The show/hide dialog now displays the correct marker count when dealing 
     with the all-chromosomes view.
BUG: Fixed various display misc issues when sorting/finding/etc via the 
     all-chromosomes view.
BUG: Importing graph data for an all-chromosomes set now works correctly.
BUG: The minimum and maximum values for a graph weren’t being calculated 
     properly if some markers were missing data.
BUG: Fixed dialogs disappearing if the user’s screen resolution had changed 
     since they were last visible.
BUG: Removing QTL from a project and then resaving was breaking the project 
BUG: Cloning a view was not properly copying across the QTL information.
BUG: Selecting a QTL (and toggling marker states) switched the view to Marker 
     Mode but left the toolbar/menu states incorrect.
BUG: Fixed the ‘Comparison method violates its general contract’ error with 
     certain sort operations.
BUG: Exporting map and genotype data still included the duplicated markers and 
     genotypes from any all-chromosomes view.
BUG: Fixed a problem that saw QTL being duplicated after (re)saving a project in
     XML format.

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