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New in Tablet

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Tablet has just been updated to version

NEW: Added support for indexed BAM assemblies.
NEW: Added a new navigation bar for moving the viewing window around within a
     larger BAM assembly.
NEW: Implemented background (multicore) thread support for calculating auxiliary
     display data, meaning large contigs can now be viewed instantly.
NEW: Various implementation changes mean less memory is now used for large
NEW: The Open Assembly dialog is now significantly quicker at detecting the
     assembly type.
NEW: The page left/right controls now hide when the edges of the display are
NEW: Added options to the Preferences Dialog to enable/disable disk caching
     (where supported).
NEW: Loading a very large number of features is now much faster.
NEW: The bp coordinates (data set/BAM window and current view) are now shown on
     the overview images.
CHG: Updated the mismatch code to ignore regions of reads that extend beyond the
     left or right ends of the consensus.
BUG: Fixed a problem with files being ignored when passed to Tablet on the
     command line.
BUG: Fixed a bug which caused Tablet to not exit correctly when a filter had
     been applied in the Contigs Table.
BUG: Fixed multiple issues with AFG parsing related to clr and gap tags.
BUG: The unpadded read length was no longer being shown in the popup
     information box.

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