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New in Flapjack

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Flapjack has just been updated to version

NEW: Implemented three new methods of scaling and displaying the chromosome map:
     local, global, and classic.
NEW: Added a new summary "mini map" display that shows where on the chromosome 
     the markers currently on screen are.
NEW: Gaps in the data set (lines with no value for a given marker) can now be 
     graphically highlighted.
NEW: Internet proxy settings can now be configured using the Preferences Dialog.
CHG: Some of the options from the Visualization menu now form part of a new View
     top-level menu.
CHG: The chromosome map is now drawn in real-time rather than back buffered, 
     freeing up memory.
CHG: Removed the "Flapjack has encountered an error" dialog due to it not 
     working probably with EDT errors.
BUG: Fixed various miscellaneous rendering issues.
BUG: Fixed some number formatting problems when large numbers were displayed.
BUG: Some of the error messages displayed during file loading were incorrect.
BUG: Fixed a critical problem with loading data that goes beyond the byte limit 
     for Flapjack's state table (eg with SSR data).
BUG: Fixed a problem with the small overview inset window that resulted in it 
     disappearing completely at times.

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