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New in Tablet

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Tablet has just been updated to version

NEW: Added a right-click "save a summary of read information (per contig)"
     option to the contigs table.
NEW: Tablet can now read from http streams (supported on the command line and
     the Open Assembly dialog).
NEW: Tablet can now read from compressed gzip data streams (http or file).
NEW: Features outside the scope of the current contig are now highlighted in
     red in the Features Table.
NEW: Features with a Name= tag in a GFF3 file will now show this name in the
     Features Table.
NEW: Added an option to toggle on or off the use of regular expressions in
CHG: The Importing Assembly dialog now shows its progress in MB/s too.
CHG: Removed support for consensus tags in ACE files. GFF3 formatted files are
     now the only way to import features.
BUG: Loading the same features file twice will no longer result in duplicate

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