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New in Tablet

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Tablet has just been updated to version

NEW: Tablet has now appeared in a Bioinformatics publication so we've moved the
     version number to 1.xx
NEW: Packing data on contigs with very high read coverage is now significantly
NEW: All tables now show tooltips with more readable information about the row
     under the mouse.
NEW: The Features table tooltips will show padded *and* unpadded coordinate
     spaces at the same time, ordered by the "Features are padded" checkbox
NEW: The Search results (for reads) table is now sortable.
NEW: Added a link to regular expression help for searching for reads.
NEW: Added an option to overlay read names onto the display (stacked view only).
NEW: Additional coverage data is now available as a tooltip when the mouse is
     over the coverage or coverage overview panels.
CHG: Tablet now monitors the cache folder location and warns if it is
BUG: The Features control panel tab was still showing text when selected.
BUG: Fixed a problem with MAQ files being incorrectly identified as SAM.
BUG: Changed the default cache folder location to avoid a problem with it
     getting locked out on multi-user systems.

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