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New in Flapjack

By on 04/03/2016 in News

Flapjack has just been updated to version

  • NEW: (Experimental) Updated much of Flapjack’s UI to utilize 4K displays (probably Windows only for now).
  • NEW: Added options to the Preferences dialog to control UI scaling.
  • NEW: A trait’s categorical or numerical status is now reflected in its column header (and tooltip).
  • NEW: Tooltip headers are now enabled for the QTL table.
  • NEW: Added a new dialog to allow the user to customize the colours for traits.
  • NEW: Added a File->Optimize menu option that performs an sqlite vacuum on the project.
  • CHG: Tidied up a few of the menu options to make the use of ellipses a bit more consistent.
  • CHG: Updated scri-commons to the latest version (to allow for progress tracking dialogs that can’t be cancelled).
  • BUG: The option to allow data containing duplicate line names to be imported was missing when importing transposed data files.
  • BUG: Fixed a crash with CreateProject where binned data with 8 bins would cause an Exception in the MAGIC population detection code (which also uses 8 states).
  • BUG: The loading dialog would track the number of lines as zero when it reached 100%.
  • BUG: Data summaries were wrong when the number of alleles broke the 32bit INT limit.
  • BUG: QTL/features with single point values weren’t displaying properly, or allowing interaction.

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