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New in Tablet

By on 22/04/2013 in News

Tablet has just been updated to version

NEW: Experimentally shifted the bundled runtime to Java 7 for OS X and Linux
     (Windows builds have used it for some time).
BUG: Fixed an issue related to parsing of quality in AFG files.
BUG: Fixed an issue with incorrect reads showing up in the visible reads table.
BUG: Fixed an issue where CIGAR insertions at the end of reads weren't being
     displayed by the overlayer.
BUG: Fixed the problem where only one of potentially many different Cigar-I
     events at the same location would be displayed.
BUG: Fixed paired read placement where duplicate reads were being produced in
     cases where a paired read’s mate had the same start position in a different
BUG: Fixed silent crashes in the table filter that would cause Tablet to not
     load a new assembly properly.
BUG: Sorting the contigs table with an opened contig no longer disables the
     ribbon bar.
BUG: Fixed an issue where Tablet was failing to display reads due to a scaling
     error on contig changes.
BUG: Tablet no longer fails to navigate to features outwith the current BAM
     window when using keyboard navigation of the features table.
BUG: Dummy read features in BAM files were always being parsed out at at length
     of 1 as opposed to their actual length.
BUG: Fixed CIGAR Inserts displaying more bases than they should.
BUG: Ampersands (and other reserved characters) in paths no longer cause Tablet
     to wipe its recent file list when starting.
BUG: Fixed some issues around searching and ignoring gap characters.
BUG: Reads weren't having their pair's contig set correctly in SAM files.
BUG: Mate position as displayed in the visible reads panel was one base less
     than it should be.

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