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New in Tablet

By on 06/02/2012 in News

Tablet has just been updated to version

NEW: The majority of colours used for the various visualization components are
     now customizable.
NEW: Cigar insertions can now be shown with a permanent overlay. This is in
     place of the previous mouse-over highlight code.
NEW: Added a snapshot history feature which tracks previously visited points of
     interest within the current contig.
NEW: Searching for subsequences now also searches the reverse complement of a
NEW: It is now possible to copy features to the clipboard from the features
CHG: Removed the ability to search for subsequences within reads (searching
     within consensus/reference is still possible).
BUG: Fixed Ctrl+F shortcut opening up the Read Group tab instead of the Find
BUG: Fixed keyboard shortcuts only working if their associated ribbon button was
     on the active tab.
BUG: Fixed incorrect page left/right functionality in contigs with negative
     coordinate space.
BUG: Fixed dialogs disappearing off-screen if the resolution or number of
     monitors had changed since the last run.

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