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New in Tablet

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Tablet has just been updated to version

NEW: Added a new colouring scheme based on read direction/orientation.
NEW: The overview displays can now be "subsetted", forcing them to show only an
     overview of whatever region you define for them.
NEW: Variant highlighting (in red) can now be turned on or off for the overviews
     or popups.
NEW: Added the ability to search for sequence substrings within reads.
NEW: Added a new graphical layer that performs "read shadowing", highlighting
     any reads under the a given column or mouse position.
NEW: Example files (linked to on the web) can now be opened directly from within
NEW: The nucleotide text for each base can now be shown or hidden.
NEW: Added (optional) support for trimming reads in ACE files based on the QA
CHG: Redesigned and added additional options to the control ribbon.
CHG: The ACE parser now ignores base quality information, making it more
     compatible with badly formatted files.
BUG: The SAM parser now looks for all possible header tags to determine if a
     file is SAM or not.
BUG: Fixed various issues with searching for reads.
BUG: Fixed some miscellaneous rendering issues when switching between contigs.

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