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New in Flapjack

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Flapjack has just been updated to version

NEW: Flapjack is now a version 1.x release, after being published in 
NEW: SCRI become the The James Hutton Institute in April 2011, and Flapjack has 
     been branded accordingly.
NEW: Flapjack now supports importing and displaying graph data 
NEW: Added a Filter QTLs button to the QTL Table.
NEW: Added functionality to move the view one "page" left or right at a time.
NEW: Moving the mouse over the chromosome canvas now displays the current 
     chromosome position.
CHG: Various tweaks to try to reduce memory consumption a little more.
CHG: Tweaked the Castor XML mapping to remove spurious xsi:type entries, 
     resulting in smaller XML project files.
BUG: The displayed number-of-lines (during importing) was incorrect when 
     transposed data was loaded.
BUG: File loading progress wasn't being properly tracked when importing QTL or 
     phenotype data.
BUG: Trait values weren't being written properly during binary serialization.

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