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New in Flapjack

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Flapjack has just been updated to version

NEW: Importing very large chromosomes (> 20,000 markers) is now significantly 
NEW: You can now choose which chromosomes are including when exporting data as 
NEW: The number of tracks used for QTLs is now dynamic, based on a draggable 
     slider below their display.
NEW: QTLs are now painted bottom-to-top, keeping them closer to the map than 
NEW: QTLs that overlap one another on the same track are now outlined in black.
CHG: As QTL layout is now dynamic based on the slider position, support for 
     CTRL/CMD movement of QTL between tracks has been removed.
CHG: QTL changes have meant a slight change to the .flapjack project format, so 
     any existing projects will need any QTL data reimported.
CHG: Simplified the settings dialog for exporting data as text.
BUG: The status labels at the bottom of the screen were not resetting properly 
     after mousing-over QTLs.

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