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New in Flapjack

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Flapjack has just been updated to version

NEW: The heatmap of phenotypic trait data now supports any number of displayable
     columns (it used to be fixed at three).
NEW: QTLs can now be imported that contain supplementary columns of textual data
     (previously only numerical was support).
NEW: Flapjack now maintains a history of recently accessed files in all of its 
     open-file dialogs.
NEW: Optimized the rendering of QTLs; large datasets should now draw 
     significantly faster.
NEW: The CreateProject (command line) attachment to Flapjack can now import QTLs
     as part of project creation.
CHG: The dialog used for selecting which traits to be displayed now lists all 
     the traits in a table along with a checkbox to toggle it on or off.
CHG: The option to select displayable traits via a right-click has been removed.
     The menu now provides a link to the Select Traits dialog instead.
BUG: Fixed a crash that occurs if Flapjack is resized to a size small enough to 
     make the chromosome map disappear.
BUG: Fixed an issue that was occuring on some systems that was stopping Flapjack
     from exiting properly.

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