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New in Flapjack

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Flapjack has just been updated to version

NEW: Flapjack now supports the import of supplementary QTL data.
NEW: QTLs data files can have any number of additional (optional) numerical 
     columns (LOD, r2, etc).
NEW: Added support for graphically rendering QTLs across multiple "tracks".
NEW: QTLs can now be colour-coded according to the trait they are associated 
NEW: Flapjack will automatically lay out QTLs over multiple tracks to avoid 
NEW: Added support for mouse interactions (info popups) for QTLs and for moving 
     QTLs between tracks.
NEW: QTLs can be clicked on and all markers associated with them with toggle 
     their selection state.
NEW: QTLs can be manually moved between tracks by CTRL clicking and dragging.
NEW: Added a new front-end to the program that provides quick links to recent 
     projects, help, etc.
NEW: Added a QTL summary table with controls to toggle the visibility of 
     individual QTLs.
NEW: Added a Filter QTLs dialog to assist in visibility selection based on trait
     and experiment.
NEW: Added toolbar shortcut buttons for inverting the selection state of lines 
     and markers.
NEW: Added many new help topics and placeholders for areas still to be included.
NEW: Hovering the mouse over a QTL that is drawn under its neighbours will now 
     render that QTL on top.
CHG: The Traits folder on the project navigation tree now supports QTL and 
     phenotype trait data.
CHG: The similarity colour schemes will now do half-and-half colouring of 
CHG: Colour-boxes (such as in the Customize Colours dialog) now render using 
CHG: All "floating" dialog boxes (such as Find By Name) will now auto-close when
     navigating to another view or data set.
CHG: Importing an additional set of phenotype traits will now overwrite rather 
     than append the existing set.
BUG: Fixed a problem with importing genotype data files that contain non zero 
     length lines that held no data.

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