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New in Flapjack

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Flapjack has just been updated to version

NEW: "Bookmarks" can now be assigned to any location within a view, allowing 
     the user to quickly return to regions of interest.
NEW: Flapjack can now be linked with Germinate-like database websites for 
     display of additional line or marker information. When exporting data 
     from Germinate in Flapjack format this information will be included 
NEW: Added displayable sort scores to the list of line names (that appears after
     performing a similarity sort).
NEW: Added a right-click pop-up menu option to the list of line names to toggle 
     the sort scores on or off.
NEW: The colours used for the traits heatmap can now be customized by the user.
CHG: Flapjack's data modal has been updated to allow it to cope with data sets 
     that use large numbers of unique alleles per locus (eg SSR data).
CHG: The random colour scheme now correctly displays heterozygous alleles as a 
     diagonal split with appropriate colour coding for each half.
BUG: Fixed a bug in the Find by Name dialog that could cause Flapjack to crash 
     when quickly selecting multiple results.

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