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New in CurlyWhirly

By on 26/03/2019 in News

CurlyWhirly has just been updated to version

  • Added the ability to change the colour of the text for the colour key that can be included in screenshots and movies.
  • CurlyWhirly now registers .cw as a file extension so that files with the extension .cw can be double clicked to automatically open in CurlyWhirly.
  • CurlyWhirly now exports and imports customised colours as rgb strings e.g. rgb(255,255,255).
  • Introduced frame rate limiting code to prevent CurlyWhirly from rendering too quickly (which has knock on effects on mouse interaction).
  • It is now possible to provide multiple different URLs per data point, allowing for connection to multiple database / information systems.
  • The data export now includes customised UI colours, such as the background and axes colours.
  • Changed the data importer so that categories are optional (i.e. label can now be the first column in the data file and there is no need to provide an empty category column when you don’t have categorical data).
  • Fixed various issues to do with the visualisation of the multi-selection sphere and multi-selected data points.
  • Fixed an issue where database URLs included in input files were not being included as part of the data export.

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