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New in CurlyWhirly

By on 27/01/2014 in News

CurlyWhirly has just been updated to version

NEW: Complete rewrite of the graphics engine; now using native OpenGL rather 
     than Java3D.
NEW: Added a category selection mechanism which allows for filtering upon 
     multiple categories form separate category groups, while colouring by a 
     given category group.
NEW: A table of data points active in the display is now available in the 
     control panel.
NEW: The table of data points can be saved to disk and/or copied to clipboard.
NEW: CurlyWhirly is now available as a native installer for 64-bit platforms.
NEW: The auto-spin feature can now spin the model at any angle.
NEW: Much of the UI has been translated into German and Spanish.
NEW: Updated the UI to include logos for JHI and Masagro.
NEW: Added a dataset close button to the main display.
NEW: CurlyWhirly now (optionally) warns on dataset and application close.
NEW: Added a new About box (and licence pane) matching the style used in 
     Flapjack and Tablet.
NEW: The installers and web start version are now all code signed.
NEW: The codebase is now Java 7 across all supported platforms (Windows, OSX, 
NEW: Added a preferences dialog for setting some of the lesser-used options.
NEW: User preferences (such as colour) are now remembered between sessions.
NEW: Capture screenshot now prompts the user for a location to save the image 
NEW: Capture screenshot gives the option to view the image after creation.
NEW: Added a recent files listing to the front page of CurlyWhirly.
NEW: The spin slider now updates the spinning speed in real-time.
NEW: Introduced a tabbed panel to separate control of the 3D display from 
     summary information about the underlying data.
NEW: Many improvements and bug fixes to data loading code.
NEW: It is now possible to customize the colours of the axes.
NEW: Added a preferences option to control antialising.
CHG: Dropped the application menus in favour of a lightweight toolbar approach.
BUG: Fixed UI controls being active before data is loaded.

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