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Download Germinate

The most recent release of Germinate is 3.5.0 (16th May 2018). View the release notes to see what’s new.

Germinate 3 consists of two parts:

  • Germinate 3 Core: The actual application.
  • Germinate 3 Gatekeeper: Used to restrict and regulate user access to all instances of Germinate.

Please note that both parts are necessary for Germinate 3 to work as expected but you do not need to use password authentication if you are developing a public site. You can also restrict certain features to registered users while maintaining public functionality.

Both downloads contain a MySQL dump that can be used to set up the database and the source code for the client and server side of Germinate 3 and Germinate 3 Gatekeeper respectively. Please consult the documentation for installation instructions. Our documentation also includes a getting started guide.

Germinate 3 Core

Download the latest release of Germinate by checking out our GitHub repository.

Germinate 3 Gatekeeper

Download the latest release of Germinate Gatekeeper by checking out of our GitHub repository.

Germinate 3 Docker Image

We offer a Docker image of our demo application for you to try out. You can find the Germinate Docker Image here.

Germinate 3 Installation Script (Linux only)

Since version 3.3.2 we offer an automated installation script for Germinate. This script is meant to be used when you’re using Germinate for the first time. It’ll make the setup process a lot easier and it will automate a lot of the required steps.

Please read the included README.txt before running the script.

The script is available here.

If you encounter any problems or have questions or would like to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: