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Germinate Statistics

On this page, we have aggregated statistics of all the Germinate instances we currently maintain. These statistics are updated once a day, so they are always up-to-date.

Germinate Overview

The table below shows the overall count of accessions, markers, collectingsites, genotypes and phenotypes for each of our Germinate databases. The background colour of the table cells is colour-coded according to this count. Each column uses its own scale so that they are independently coloured.

Accessions grouped by taxonomy

Each instance of Germinate can hold information about multiple taxonomies. This chart shows the taxonomies of each database with their accession count. The bars are grouped by database and ordered by count within each database group. Hovering over a bar shows the number of accessions of this taxonomy. Please note that we used the logarithm of the number of accessions for the height of each bar.

Accessions grouped by country

This stacked histogram visualizes the distribution of accessions across the top 40 countries, i.e. those 40 countries exhibiting the most accessions. You can hover over the individual bars to see their actual value.

Distribution of accessions

Similar to the previous visualization, this map shows the number of accessions per country. We use Google Maps to colour-code the countries according to their number of accessions.