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Germinate Demo Application

We are pleased to announce that we are making the Germinate 3 platform available for download!

You can download Germinate 3 (Barn Owl) from the links below. This is the complete Germinate platform including both the database and web interface along with some sample data. We have also created a user guide/tutorial which can be used to get up and running with the Germinate system.

In addition have created a public demo instance of Germinate 3 that you can explore and play about with to get an idea of the sorts of things that Germinate can be used for. This application contains a demo dataset to showcase all the features that are available in the current release of Germinate 3. Please feel free to play about with the tools that we offer, we hope that this will inspire our users to create new tools and visualizations for the platform.

The Germinate 3 Demo Application can be found here.

If you are interested in this particular demo application or have any comments and suggestions, drop us an email at: We would also love to hear from anyone who wants to discuss this work further.

Please note that the demo application allows users to add content in the form of annotations. These annotations aren’t moderated, which means that they may contain content that may offend. We wipe the database every couple of hours to minimise the probability of this happening.

Current Germinate 3 Release – Germinate 3 (3.2.0 Crossbill)

Previous Releases – Germinate 3 (Arctic Tern)

Germinate 3 (Arctic Tern) has been used to implement the following sites:

Both these databases were developed for the Seeds of Discovery project with CIMMYT (