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Germinate Mobile

Screenshot_2013-09-11-15-47-04Germinate Mobile is an Android application that acts as a mobile interface for the Germinate system. The goal of this app is to enable researchers to get detailed information about plants on their smartphone or tablet while they are out and about in the fields. Images as well as passport and pedigree information are accessible by just entering the name of the variety you are looking at. If you are not sure which variety you actually are looking at, you can use Germinate Mobile to narrow it down by searching for phenotypic criteria or by looking at plant schematics. Recorded audio notes and taken pictures are automatically tagged with the name of the currently selected variety and your geographic location.

A summary of the currently available information can be found below:

  • Detailed passport information about all varieties
  • Interactive search functionality to identify varieties based on characteristics
  • Images of the varieties
  • Pedigree information
  • Functionality to take pictures and audio comments (both stored on the device with meta information about location and variety)
  • Plant schematics to support identification of plant characteristics

Follow this link to see screenshots of Germinate Mobile in action.

Like all our software Germinate Mobile is free for you to use, all we ask is that if you have comments or suggestions you let us know so we can make it better!

More information:

Platforms supported:

  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or above

Primary developers:

Sebastian Raubach and Paul Shaw