EoRNA is a Barley Expression Database that displays gene and transcript abundance data on demand as transcripts per million (TPM) across all samples and all the genes.

EoRNA provides access to the Barley Reference Transcript Dataset (BART), which consists of 177,240 unique barley expressed transcripts covering 60,444 genes. The transcripts are arranged as gene models and homology of the longest transcript to Arabidopsis, Rice and Brachypodium is given.

You can access data directly by searching for a particular sequence ID or by BLASTing a sequence against the genomic contigs or transcript sequences using the BLAST page.

A table directly comparing the BART gene annotations with the Barley Pseudomolecules Annotation (HORVU 2017) can be downloaded from here.

If you don't have a DNA or protein sequence, you can use the Annotation Search of the BLAST annotations of the genes, which are available for the Rice Pseudo-peptides v6, the TAIR Arabidopsis thaliana Pseudo-peptides v10, and the Brachypodium distachyon Pseudo-peptides.

This research was supported and developed by Scottish Government Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services division (RESAS) and funding from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and ERC project 669182 ‘SHUFFLE’.

Search for a Sequence by ID

Currently EoRNA contains both the Barley RTD (BART) transcripts (publication here) and the predicted transcripts from the Barley Pseudomolecules (HORVU 2017) (publication here).

Barley RTD : The predicted genes have the nomenclature "BART1_0-u00001". Transcript models are named after the the gene loci like "BART1_0-u00001.001".

HORVU 2017 Pseudomolecules Annotation : The predicted genes have the nomenclature "HORVU1Hr1G000010". Transcript models are named after the gene loci like "HORVU1Hr1G000010.1".

DatasetGene IDs# Genes # Transcripts
Barley RTDBART1_0-u0000160,444177,240
HORVU 2017HORVU1Hr1G00001081,683334,126

Searching for a gene ID will return all the transcript models from that gene region. You can go directly to a gene or transcript by using this search box:

Search for Sequence ID
BLAST Search
Use a nucleotide or protein sequence to find similar transcripts or genome sequence with the online BLAST search form.
Annotation Search
Search the annotation of the transcripts using keywords. Transcripts are annotated with best BLAST hits to the predicted proteins from rice, Brachypodium and Arabidopsis.
Bulk Download
Download datasets, including transcript sequences, GFF files, and GO annotation.
Translate a List
Translate a list of HORVU Genes to BART Genes based on their overlap on the reference genome. The whole comparison can be found here.
GO Enrichment
Details of how to do GO enrichment analysis with the BART dataset.