GO Analysis and Annotation

GO annotations for the BaRT dataset is available in a spreadsheet BaRTv1_0_GO_annotation_withLookup.xlsx . In addition, this file contains a sheet where you can paste your own lists of BaRT gene IDs and it will look up their annotation in the sheet with the GO data:
  • 1. Copy and paste a column with gene IDS from the padded BaRT version into column 1 of the sheet named "lookup"
  • 2. Row 2 contains the formulas that do the lookup and results should appear in this row immediately (columns B-F)
  • 3. To generate the results for the remaining rows, select fields B2 to F2, then double-click the little green square at the bottom right of the selection outline. This should auto-fill all the fields below and generate the lookup results
External GO enrichment analysis with BaRT

  • 3. Expand the Custom GMT field at the bottom right and select the BaRT GMT file (download the BaRT_v_1_0.gmt file) from your local file system. The file will then get uploaded to the web server.
  • 4. Click "Run query".
  • 5. Your results will appear below after a few seconds. The interactive graph itself is quite informative:

  • 6. Click the "Detailed Results" tab:

  • 7. Click the "CSV" button to download your results file and save it to your local disk.