EoRNA Downloads

The text files are in tab-delimited format and can be opened in Excel. To save on file sizes the eorna_expt_tpms.txt file has an experiment id column which relates to the experiment names in the eorna_expt_names.txt file. The meta-data spreadsheet has more details of the experiments.

DescriptionDownload File
All TPM values from the EoRNA database (long list format)eorna_expt_tpms.txt.gz (723 MB)
List of experiments names and relationship to experiment IDs in eorna_expt_tpms.txt.gzeorna_expt_names.txt (33 KB)
Meta-data for the RNA-seq experiments included in EoRNAmetadata_barley_rnaseq.xlsx (342 KB)
All TPM values from the EoRNA database (in matrix format, one transcript per line)eorna_expt_tpms_matrix.txt.gz (265 MB)
BaRT Downloads

You can download the FASTA and GFF file for both the unpadded and padded (QUASI-ready) versions of the Barley Reference Transcript Dataset v1_0 here.

DescriptionDownload File
Barley RTD FASTA file, padded for QUASI analysisBaRT.1.0_Unsplit_exons_padded.fasta
Barley RTD GFF file, padded for QUASI analysisBaRT.1.0_Unsplit_padded.gff
Barley RTD FASTA file, unpaddedBaRT.1.0_Unsplit_exons_unpadded.fasta
Barley RTD GFF file, unpaddedBaRT.1.0_Unsplit_unpadded.gff
Barley RTD protein translationsBaRT.1.0_transdecoder.pep.fasta
Barley RTD relationship to HORVU 2017 gene locationsMatch-Overlap_All_BART_HORVU_wholeChrCoords.xlsx
Barley RTD Transcript Annotation (tab delimited).
Best BLAST hit to Brachypodium, Rice and Arabidopsis predicted proteins.
Downloads for GO Analysis and Enrichment

Instructions on how to use these files in Go Enrichment Analysis can be found here.

DescriptionDownload File
GO AnnotationBaRTv1_0_GO_annotation_withLookup.xlsx
BaRT_v_1_0.gmt for use in GO EnrichmentBaRT_v_1_0.gmt