Eòrna (noun)
- Scottish Gaelic word for barley or barley grain.

We welcome any feedback you may have about the website or data. If you find there is a data format you would like to be able to download or a type of search that you think would be useful please let us know using the contacts below. Linda Milne is responsible for the website and database. Micha Bayer and Craig Simpson can answer questions about the analytical methods and data used to create EoRNA.


EoRNA, a barley gene and transcript abundance database.
Linda Milne, Micha Bayer, Paulo Rapazote-Flores, Claus-Dieter Mayer, Robbie Waugh, Craig G. Simpson
Scientific Data 8, Article number: 90(2021)

Linda Milne

Bioinformatics Specialist,
Information and Computational Sciences Group.

  • Genome assembly, SNP discovery, marker/microarray design, genome annotation.
  • Development of visualization and analysis tools for sequence and genetic data.
  • Database and information management systems for Institute research projects.
Micha Bayer

Bioinformatics Specialist,
Information and Computational Sciences Group.

  • Specialises in analysis of Next Generation Sequencing data from crop plants.
  • Main focus: genomics and variomics (in particular in barley).
Craig Simpson

Senior Postdoctoral Scientist,
Cell and Molecular Sciences Group

  • Interested in how plant genes express themselves in response to environmental and developmental changes.
  • Has established a system that allows the measurement of changes in alternative splicing of hundreds of genes simultaneously.