Plant disease identification on the go!

Buntata is a flexible and customisable application for aiding in the identification of plant diseases in the field.
The first release is for the identification of potato disorders (pests, diseases and other problems).
The aim is to help farmers to identify problems in the growing crop.


Buntata is an Android based mobile application which aids in the identification of plant disease and pathogens and offers information to farmers where they can go to get more details about any pests. It provides downloadable datasets allowing users to use the application in the field without the need of a mobile signal.

App Screenshots

Want to see what Buntata looks like? Here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure!


That's an unusual name, what does it mean?

The James Hutton Institute and University of St Andrews are based in sunny Scotland so we decided to call this application after the Scots Gaelic for potato. The app was developed using potato pest and disease data too!

Buntata will offer a variety of plant disease datasets.

The Buntata infrastructure is very flexible and we are planning to make additional datasets available through the Buntata application. If Buntata looks like something that you could use in your work, and you have some data that would fit into this format, we would be more than happy to discuss how we can make your data available through this app! You can contact us via any of our social media channels (there is a list at the bottom of the page) or via email on

Currently available datasets

  • Potato Pests and Diseases

Sebastian designs and develops the app and the underlying database. He also maintains the data sources.

Sebastian Raubach

Bioinformatics Software Developer at The James Hutton Institute

Paul makes sure the project runs smoothly and takes credit for Sebastians work gets a wee bit of credit for the excellent app development that Sebastian does :-)

Paul Shaw

Bioinformatician at The James Hutton Institute

Lesley had the original idea to develop Buntata and got funding to do this work. She provides us with images of nasty looking pests and promotes this work on her travels.

Lesley Torrance

Director of Science at The James Hutton Institute

We would like to thank John Jones, Ian Toth, Jennie Brierley, Alison Lees, Graham Cowan, Sonia Humphris and Roy Neilson for their help in getting the underlying potato dataset and images brought together and assembled.

In addition, we appreciate the images and information provided by Danny Coyne and Sue Hockland.


The development of Buntata has been funded and supported by the following institutions.

Get Buntata

Buntata is available on Google Play and on the web. Just follow one of the link below to use it.