This website provides access to the predicted genes from an assembly of whole-genome-shotgun sequence from barley (cv. Morex). The genes were predicted from the mapping of RNA-seq data to the genomic assembly. Gene expression levels were also calculated from the RNA-seq data and are available in the form of FPKM values associated with the predicted genes.

This is an update of the morexGenes website. You can link the previous gene and transcript IDs to the new set of transcripts using the built in BLAST search links.

Please be aware that the transcripts contain isoforms derived for the same gene. The gene ID is part of the sequence description so transcripts with the same gene ID on the description are isoforms. There are 77,360 isoforms from 54,621 genes.

You can access data directly by searching for a particular sequence ID or microarray probe ID (currently only available for the Morex 60K chip), or by BLASTing a sequence against the genomic contigs, gene CDS or proteins on the BLAST page.

If you don't have a DNA or protein sequence, you can use the keyword search on the BLAST annotations of the genes, which are available for the Rice Pseudo-peptides v6 and the TAIR Arabidopsis thaliana Pseudo-peptides v10.

Details of the plant material and images of the selected tissues and the RNA-extraction, library construction and Illumina sequencing are available here.

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