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Marker Numbers per Platform

This table shows the number of mapped markers which we have on each of our barley platforms.

Chromosome 9K 50K
1H 587 4,681
2H 1009 6,932
3H 927 6,480
4H 685 5,043
5H 1,199 7,758
6H 814 5,228
7H 834 6,194
Total Mapped Loci 6,055 49,267
Published Data from the 50K Platform

James Hutton Institute 50K Data which is included in publications can be found here.

Dataset Desctiption Dowloads Available Dataset ID

comparison of mainstream genotyping platforms for the evaluation and use of barley genetic resources.

50K_data.txt contain the genotyping matrix of the 1000 core accessions defined by IPK as well as 10 replicated Morex.
180718_GBS_1000_coreset_37953_SNPs_nucleotides.txt contain the genotyping matrix extracted from global GBS information by IPK.
180718_1000_core_set_passport_data_phenotypes.txt contain the phenotyping information for the core set accessions.

Text download (ZIP 15.7MB) 20190301/1
Germinate Barley SNP Platforms

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