Locus Information
Data Item Value
Locus Name JHI-Hv50k-2016-170
Platform Barley 50K Platform
Genome Build Version 2016
Position 1H:261969
Source JHI_ExCapSeq
Source Version 0
Final Score 0.988
Failure Codes
Assay Design ID 2341823587
Illumina ID JHI-Hv50k-2016-170-0_T_U_2341823587
Normalization Bin B
Bead Types Assay 2
Design Date 03/03/2016
Assay Type InfiniumI
Sequence Information

Sequence Orientation UNKNOWN


SNP Effects Data


Data Version 1.0 - Last updated 14th September 2016.
Germinate Barley SNP Platforms

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